Transition Mentorship Program


The first year transition mentorship program...

aims to create a welcoming campus environment for all incoming students and provide them with support throughout their first year at the University of Toronto. This is an opportunity for students to meet other first year students, get to know the campus, and keep in touch with a transition mentor who can provide assistance and answer any questions about campus life.



How do I register for the Transition Mentorship Program?

All you have to do is sign up for Orientation and show up to the first day! You will be meeting your mentor and group during the TM group meeting on Monday September 4, 2017.


What happens if I cannot attend the first meeting but would like to participate in the Transition Mentorship Program?

Not a problem! Send us an email at and we can put you in a group.


Is there a charge for the transition mentorship program?

This program is free of charge for all first year Vic students.


How often will I see my mentor during Orientation week?

Your mentors will be present throughout various events at Vic and will email you throughout the week to let you know exactly which events they will be attending.


Will Orientation week be the only time I see them and contact them?

Orientation week is just the beginning! Afterwards, your mentor will be contacting you weekly for the month of September, and then monthly starting in October. They will be letting you know which events they will be attending throughout the year and will be giving you tips to assist you with your first year.


Do we meet anywhere outside of campus?

Meetings will occur on the Victoria College campus.