2018 Event Descriptions


OpENING CEREMONIES                                                                           MON. 12-1PM

The official beginning of Orientation! Join us in the quad to meet the Orientation Exec and our Dean of Students and have your chance to be the student to raise the Vic flag for your incoming class and kick off the week! 

SCAVENGER HUNT                                                                                   MON. 2-3PM

It’s time to get to know more about Vic campus. This hour will be full of games and activities as you explore a series of different locations around the college. Each team will be given a set of specific clues, leading your way to different fun games to play including minefield, hula-hoop, charades, and more. The team who has the highest score by the end of the hour wins a prize! Who knows, maybe you will even find your favourite spot at Vic.

ASK. LISTEN. TALK                                                                                   MON. 3-5PM

Ask.Listen.Talk, led by B. K. Chan - a renowned sex and emotional literacy educator, is a chance for you to learn about crucial issues in an accessible and entertaining way. Topics of discussion will include consent and non-violent communication that are relevant to university life.

DINNER WITH VUSAC AND LEVIES                                                             MON. 5-7PM

Join your student government the Victoria University Students Administrative Council, known easily as VUSAC and some of your most dynamic and active student groups– our levies!! This is an opportunity to see what activities you'll be joining this year and meet a whole bunch of friendly engaged upper year students! 

ORIENTATION PLAYS                                                                            MON. 7-8PM

Come to the Isabel Bader Theatre for an hour of hilarious and relatable sketches, written and performed by students, that explore university life at Victoria College! You'll be sure to have a good laugh and get introduced to the many inside jokes Vic students know to be daily realities. 

CASINO NIGHT                                                                                    MON. 8-12PM 

The fun of this event is in the cards! Expect a night of big wins with many different professional games set up for you to mix and mingle. With jazzy musical performances and photography displays this is an annual orientation tradition. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST BOARD GAMES NIGHT                                         MON. 8-12PM

Experience a blast from the past with all of your favourite board games, snacks, and music from the early 2000s! Make new friends for your future while you laugh about the past. Who doesn't love late night monopoly?? 


GUEST LECTURES                                                                                  TUES. 8-9AM

Learn from some student-acclaimed professors about the different pathways and fields you may cross during your university career. A great opportunity to hear from some very valued members of our community. 

BRUNCH WITH PROFS                                                                             TUES. 9-11AM

Join some of Vic's most beloved academics for brunch. We'll chat about your goals, interests and knowing our professors all your conversations will leave you questioning and excited about the start of classes. No need to feel intimidated our professors are very excited to meet you. 

Transitional seminars                                                                   tues. 11AM-1pm

Want to know more about the first-year experience? Check out these informative seminars covering the nuances of university life. You'll learn the many tips and trips to smooth out your transition. 

Wellness Activities                                                                        Tues. 1-3PM 

Learning to take care of yourself and find the time to relax and rejuvenate will become essential to succeeding in your university life. So join us in some relaxing activities to take a break from your crazy busy orientation week. You'll also learn about the many resources at Vic to take care of your physical and mental health year round. 

pride picnic                                                                                      tues. 1-3pm 

We welcome all LGBTQ+ students and allies to join us! We'll be chatting about the queer community at Vic, U of T and beyond. A great opportunity to find support and community. Guaranteed good vibes and music. Joined by our friends at VicPride! of course. They'll be no pressure to identify here– come as you are–you will be very welcome. 

traditional ceremonies                                                                  tues. 3-5pm

Victoria College, founded in 1836, is steeped in history. At Traditional Ceremonies, we invite you to participate in the same welcome traditions that every Vic student before you experienced during their Orientations past. You are the next chapter in our history and we are so excited for you to join a long legacy of excellence. 

DINNER WITH CLUBS                                                                            TUES. 5-7PM

Tonight's dinner is all about clubs!!! Good on you for choosing Vic because it happens to be the college with the most active and diverse group of clubs. Join us to meet them all and see what you'd like to get involved in this year. 

SCARLET AND GOLD                                                                            TUES. 8PM-12AM 

We’re heading to Toronto’s waterfront for an evening of dancing, food, and music at the glamorous Palais Royale. Come mingle with friends, enjoy some delicious dessert and listen to great tunes courtesy of VicRecords! A Vic orientation tradition you won't want to miss.

DIAMOND AND PEARL Games tournament                                        tues. 8PM-12Am  

Gotta catch em all! If you love games this is the event for you! Join us for laughs and some friendly competition. A great event if you looking for a chill, relaxed vibe. 


Back to school bbq                                                                          wed. 9-11AM

Sleep in a little and then join us to celebrate the bittersweet last day of orientation. Grab something to eat and we'll help you get ready for the UTSU parade. 

UTSU Parade and clubs carnival                                                    wed. 11AM-5pm

It's time to show your Vic pride and meet the rest of U of T. We'll be marching on the streets of Toronto cheering and making new friends. After you'll get the chance to attend the U of T wide clubs carnival–an excellent opportunity to see everything U of T offers in regards to student activities. 

Closing Ceremonies                                                                         WEd. 6-7pm 

Its time to say goodbye to orientation as we officially welcome you into the vic community. We'll lower the flag and go over some of the best memories of the week. 

OPEN MIC NIGHT                                                                                 wed. 7-11pm 

Performances late into the night from some of Vic's most musically talented members. You'll also have the opportunity to sign up. Vic is well known for our open mic nights that happen frequently throughout the year so don't miss out on your first one! 


Movie Night                                                                                   Thurs. 7-11pm

As our second last event for Orientation 2018, we’re hosting a Movie Night featuring films that were shot at the University of Toronto! The movies will be streamed throughout Victoria College, including our beautiful Quad, and snacks will be provided! Just bring your friends, your lovely self and a blanket to sit on! 

Karaoke night                                                                                     fri. 8-11pm 

Join us in The Cat's Eye for the last official Orientation 2018 event! Snacks and songs will be provided. We'll need you to supply the cheesy dance moves and vocals.