Raves and Reviews

“Comm-O has truly been one of my most memorable experiences as a first year student. I met so many new friends there that I stayed close with throughout the year. My favourite part was being able to play games and cards as a group until 2AM!”
— Arya Amatya, Comm-O 2016
“Comm-O was my first real university experience and it really helped with my transition. It was a place where I found lon lasting friendships, people who I could look up to and most importantly, it was the place where I felt like a part of the Vic family. #VicsGotSpirit!”
— Gabe Blanco, Comm-O 2016
“My favourite memory of Comm-O was meeting others from my part of town. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that others would experience the same commute as I would — it’s an extension of the Vic community. Also, learning last year’s frosh dance was great like learning all of the frosh dances!”
— Zachary Spataro, Comm-O 2016
“I didn’t go to my commuter orientation during my first year, but I experienced it as a leader during my second. My comm-o experience was slightly different, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My favourite part of Comm-O was seeing how the first year students connected so well and watching friendships blossom with such ease. Despite being in my second year, I learned a lot about the many incredible resources at Vic, specifically for commuters, that I had no knowledge of before and that made the commuter life so much more bearable :’) If you’re a commuter, Commuter Orientation is something that you DO NOT want to miss! I deeply regret not going to mine.”
— -Melinda Hector, Former Orientation Executive