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So you commute? You're a master of the TTC? You can navigate Toronto like a Pro?

We've got an Orientation for that. 

Aug. 11th & 12th 


What is Commuter Orientation?

Prior to September's Orientation Week, Commuter Orientation is a weekend in August of programming exclusively for commuter students. 

Commuter Orientation hopes to create a community among commuter students and help integrate them into Vic campus life.

How to register for Commuter Orientation 2018

We are busily working to plan and get registration set up for Commuter Orientation 2018. Please check back soon for more information and to register! 

More Questions? Our Orientation Co-Chair would be happy to help!

Ali Kehl, Orientation Co-Chair -

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“Comm-O has truly been one of my most memorable experiences as a first year student. I met so many new friends there that I stayed close with throughout the year. My favourite part was being able to play games and cards as a group until 2AM!”
— Arya Amatya, Comm-O 2016
“Comm-O was my first real university experience and it really helped with my transition. It was a place where I found lon lasting friendships, people who I could look up to and most importantly, it was the place where I felt like a part of the Vic family. #VicsGotSpirit!”
— Gabe Blanco, Comm-O 2016
“My favourite memory of Comm-O was meeting others from my part of town. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that others would experience the same commute as I would — it’s an extension of the Vic community. Also, learning last year’s frosh dance was great like learning all of the frosh dances!”
— Zachary Spataro, Comm-O 2016
“I didn’t go to my commuter orientation during my first year, but I experienced it as a leader during my second. My comm-o experience was slightly different, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My favourite part of Comm-O was seeing how the first year students connected so well and watching friendships blossom with such ease. Despite being in my second year, I learned a lot about the many incredible resources at Vic, specifically for commuters, that I had no knowledge of before and that made the commuter life so much more bearable :’) If you’re a commuter, Commuter Orientation is something that you DO NOT want to miss! I deeply regret not going to mine.”
— -Melinda Hector, Former Orientation Executive