Residence Students:

Moving into Residence: September 3, 2017

  1. Head to your designated location check in. There you will receive your room key, mailbox key, and laundry card, as well as your residence handbook and contract.
  2. If you live in:
    • Margaret Addison Hall - pick up your key at the Marg Ad Front Desk
    • Burwash Hall - Vic Quad (Tent)
    • Annesley Hall - Annesley Main Floor
    • Rowell Jackman Hall - Vic Quad (Tent)
  3. After moving into your new home, head over to Old Vic and pick up your Orientation Kit while checking in for Orientation. You MUST receive your Orientation ID and kit in order to attend orientation events.
  4. Meet your Don and new floor mates at 4:00PM in your residence. Your attendance is mandatory! 


Commuter Students:

Registration: September 4, 2017

Billeting for the week?

  • Check in at the foyer of Old Vic between 8am and 10am to get your assigned room and key
  • After checking in for Orientation, head over to your assigned residence for the week to meet your host and residence don! 

Commuting for the week?

  • Check in at the foyer of Old Vic between 8am and 10am for Orientation
  • Once you have picked up your Orientation Kit, head to your transition mentor group! 
  • NOTE: there will be a locked storage room made available for commuter students to drop off belongings 


Victoria College Orientation

150 Charles St. W
Toronto, ON, M5S1K9